Why choose Adelaide – Business Events Adelaide sets it out


Adelaide has been ranked one of the world’s most liveable cities and business delegates have an opportunity to enjoy that whilst here with those of us fortunate to call this boutique city home. It is a green and spacious city, yet it has large city infrastructure and technology. This means it has everything a delegate would need to access, and all within its easily-walkable boundaries.

By way of example, the Adelaide Convention Centre – which in the past few years underwent an almost $400 million upgrade - is within a five-minute walk of more than 3000 quality hotel rooms while the city has more than 7000 rooms (with another 1500 on-line by 2025).

This easily-walkable city includes hotels, conference venues, advanced technology precincts and universities, and the main business district. It also includes an enviable variety of globally renowned restaurants and wine bars and a fun laneway culture.

Business event organisers report how much they appreciate that, while in Adelaide, their delegates can easily arrange informal, valuable knowledge-transfer business meetings and networking external to the event program. They can do so because it is such a convenient city to move around. Nothing is convoluted or time-consuming about getting the most, and best, out of Adelaide.

Business Events Adelaide is committed to delivering with a personalised and tailored approach to attracting business events to Adelaide. We work assiduously at connecting you with our partners across Government, industry and academia; all of whom are working with us on the delivery of a post COVID healthy economic growth trajectory.

Using such partners and our membership base, Business Events Adelaide brings together what we call “Team Adelaide”.  Working for you would be the city’s most experienced business event specialists who have a reputation for ensuring consistently highly successful business events – events where organisers and delegates are profuse in their enthusiasm for the event’s management and the city itself, and where the event delivers a strong economic tail of business and research partnerships and collaborations.

If you select Adelaide as your destination you will be warmly welcomed and supported, and Business Events Adelaide can guarantee your event will be a resounding success for you and for your delegates. Those delegates also have the assurance that we remain the only Australian capital city with an end-to-end COVID-SAfe plan for visiting business delegates.

Adelaide, Australia offers global associations the opportunity to link with world leading organisations and industry across a range of important industries and specialties.



Only in Adelaide can delegates experience and enjoy the benefits of:


  • Staying in one of the world’s most liveable cities – and being in a city that enthusiastically welcomes guests.

  • Appreciating the luxury of holding a business event in what is without question Australia’s best-connected business, events and entertainment precinct and all within a spacious and green boutique city where nothing is too far or too difficult.

  • Having such ease of access to global leaders in a number of sectors including biomedical, minerals, energy, renewable agtech, viticulture, Shipbuilding, defence technology, cyber security, Space, AI and machine learning.

  • Enjoying after-work hours in a city that is Australia’s premium food and wine destination; and lingering longer here if you wish to experience Festivals and our easy to reach regional wine districts.

  • Being in Australia’s COVID-SAfe capital. Adelaide takes your health and safety seriously and with very few, quickly contained and only small COVID outbreaks over 2020, early 2021 and 2022. It remains the only capital city with an end-to-end “Team Adelaide” (which includes the airport, venues and hotels) COVID SAfe plan for visiting business delegates.

  • The “Team Adelaide” awareness means a consistently unified approach to making a business event everything event clients and delegates want it to be and to achieve. Senior executives in SA’s business event sector meet regularly to discuss opportunities and plan for specific events. This communication makes for highly successful seamless business events for event clients and their delegates.