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What does Business Events Adelaide do?

Business Events Adelaide is the peak independent body for business events and corporate incentive events in South Australia.

You can learn more about our services in the About us section.

Are you an event planning service?

Business Events Adelaide exists to promote Adelaide and South Australia as a top business events and corporate incentive events destination, and to bid for international and national business events to assist and drive the SA economy. We do also provide a free event planning service and put people planning business events in touch with all the services, venues and attractions they need.

What specific support can Business Events Adelaide provide for business events?

Business Events Adelaide bids to bring business events and corporate incentive events to Adelaide, and then provides totally independent advice, marketing and other organisational support to business event organisers. We generally work with local bid leaders when bidding for events.

Business Events Adelaide also support organisations running smaller business meetings in Adelaide to plan, run and promote their event, through our free business event planning service.

Does Business Events Adelaide charge clients for its services?

No. The services are free.

What is the cost to bid for a Business Event and where do you get the funding to do so?

If the opportunity is right, Business Events Adelaide is able to absorb many of the costs connected to bidding for an event. At no charge we will allocate a professional bid manager, produce all documents and lobbying material, and manage the site. Our funding comes from membership fees, the State Government of South Australia and the City of Adelaide. We will also seek to engage relevant bodies and industry sectors, who may add further value and indeed support to the bidding process.

What does bidding mean?

A ‘bid’ occurs when more than one city competes for a business event or corporate incentive event.  Each city ‘bids’ for the event by preparing information and supporting collateral as to why the event should be held in their city, especially why it would most benefit the event client and delegates to come to their city.

Bidding for and hosting a business event involves a substantial investment of time and resources as many business events require specific operational information or have set bid criteria which must be met prior to submission.

Am I obligated if I begin discussing the possibility of having Business Events Adelaide bid to host my business event in Adelaide?

There is no obligation for you to commit if we begin discussing possibilities. Business Events Adelaide is happy to research the options and the potential of any event. We are also here to address any concerns and to work with our bid leaders throughout the entire bid process.

What if I am not ready to start the bidding process but would like to investigate the possibility?

Business Events Adelaide is happy to begin researching a potential event on your behalf. We have access to information that will help to determine the possibility of your event coming to Adelaide or South Australia; including the event’s rotation pattern, the history of delegate attendance and possible national and/or international support.

What if I have identified a business event I would like Adelaide to bid for on behalf of my organisation?

Business Events Adelaide is happy to work with those who have already identified a potential event. We are happy to step in as a support for those who are thinking about bidding and for those that are in the middle of the bidding process. Learn more in our Bid for in our event section.

How much of my time would it take to be a bid leader?

The amount of time a bid leader spends on an event bid varies depending on the event and on the lead time. Business Events Adelaide exists to take the hard work out of it: we do the research, prepare the bid document, find appropriate support and work with the relevant people. We work with short and long bid lead times.

What occurs after the bid is won?

The work certainly does not stop after a bid has been won. Business Events Adelaide continues to guide the association or individual as they plan the business event. Depending on the event scale, we assist appoint a professional conference organiser (PCO), assist with marketing activities and collateral, help to maximise delegate assistance and promote the event in the media.

Are you partial to any venues or event suppliers?

Business Events Adelaide represents Adelaide and regional South Australia, including our member venues and event services within these areas. Our members do receive advice of potential events before non-members, in line with the event specifications. Members pay to be a Business Events Adelaide member, but we do not receive commissions from members for leads and we at all times work to ensure the best venue and suppliers for a business event. That is paramount. The success of the event is as important to us as the event client and delegate.

Do you have promotional material about Adelaide and South Australia. If so how do I order it and does it cost?

Business Events Adelaide produces a range of promotional publications and resources and also distributes some materials produced by other organisations. Some of these materials come at a cost but most are free of charge. For further information on what publications are available please contact Business Events Adelaide 



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